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12V 150Ah VRLA Solar Power Storage GEL Battery
The solar series is designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge applications under extreme environments. By combining the newly developed Nano gel electrolyte with high recharge efficiency at very low charge current . The acid atratification is highly reduced by adding Nano Gel.This series is suit for energy storage for renewable enerrgies such as PV,wing tubine power systems and CATV.
Solar Power Storage GEL Battery
Rated Voltage (V)
Rated Capacity (3hr)
80Ah @ 10HR-rate (to 1.80Vpc)
Length(mm) 260mm
Width(mm) 169mm
Height(mm) 211mm
Height of pole(mm) 214mm
Approx.Weight 23kg
Max.charge current 20A
Max.discharge current(5s) 800A
Short circuit current 1680A
Self Discharge Approx.2.5% per [email protected]
Ambient Temperature
Floath Charge Voltage [email protected]℃(-3mv/cell/℃)
Equalize and cycle use charge voltage [email protected]
Designed Floating Life(25℃) 10Years
Container Material ABS(UL94-V0 Optional)


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