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Our product
≥Solve long-distance home outdoor electricity problem
≥XRSN-MP200W,330W, 500W,700W,1000W, Portable Camping Generator. Self-drive travel, electricity without worry.
≥Outdoor camping, car emergency electricity, electric rice cooker, car refrigerator, induction cooker, cooking kettle, wok, uav, etc.One to solve the outdoor electricity problem.
≥Strong compatibility, meet the needs of all kinds of equipment
≥Strong compatibility, support multiple devices charging at the same time, multi-interface design, no need to wait for charging. Real-time display of remaining power, remaining time.
≥Mechanical balance, more comfortable to carry
≥The overall use of mechanical balance principle, when out to carry to maintain strength, ergonomically designed handle, comfortable radian fit the palm, enhance the sense of comfort.
≥Multi-scene use
≥Outdoor party, outdoor work, car charging, family emergency
≥Accessories include: charger, solar charging wire, car charge wire.
≥color appearance, can be customized according to your preferences.


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